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With the constant rising cost of electricity (120% in fact over the last 10 years*) and an expected 3.9%* increase per year over the next two years.

Australia is currently the 4th most expensive county in the world to buy electricity.
The Electric Guy has been installing solar systems in Australia since 2010, with the added incentives of government rebates demand has increased, and systems have became more affordable.

With every solar install, the Electric Guy will ensure that the best system with proven track records is installed in your home, which will last up to 25 years.

Before installing a solar system the electric guy will visit your home, and assess the viability of installing solar panels in your home, and will discuss with you the expected returns.

The Electric Guy will also take full responsibility for processing all paperwork, ensuring that you receive the maximum government rebate for your install.

As a ASP Level 2 The Electric Guy will also install a solar meter on the same day, minimizing any loss of generating electricity and minimizing the install time.

As an accredited solar installer we also supply and replace faulty inverters, damaged panels, carry out safety inspections, and check the overall performance of your solar system.

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